Why buy wine from us?

James Jensen

Why buy wine off us? We appreciate how many choices there are out there when making a decision about what to drink tonight. We’re so grateful when you choose us   The wine world has spoiled us with choices. We buy real wine because we believe it’s an accurate portrayal of terroir, a story of the winemaker and the representation of something that really matters. Family run wineries and communities so warm and welcoming you can almost feel it when you open the bottle. A welcome into their homes with open arms that has changed our lives. It’s a commitment to the suppliers we work with and a commitment to you that the quality of the bottle is amongst the best in the world. This wine arrives to us with love from the suppliers who chose it and to them from the maker whose livelihood depends on their constant attention and passion, and our aim is to deliver it to you with that same passion and attention to detail. Thanks for the journey so far. We hope you’re enjoying it as much as us ☺️

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