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Neuburger Bambule

Weingut Judith Beck

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Neuburger Bambule




Started in 1976 the cultivated area since then has risen from 5 to 15 ha. Most of the vineyards are situated at the Wagram of the Parndorfer Plate, the most important site of the region. Since 2007 they have produced wines in accordance with biodynamic principles.

In 2005 started the new production hall in the middle of the vineyards from Gols. The cellar is optimally suited to handle a harvest of 15 ha. Instead of growth they put focus on preservation and the increase of quality.

Judith gained the necessary equipment to take over the winery from father Matthias at the Viticultural College Klosterneuburg and in the course of practical traineeships at Cos d`Estournel (France), Braida (Italy) and Errazuriz (Chile). Today she is responsible for the winery; which includes the vineyard management, the vinification of the wines in the cellar and the representation of the winery at home and abroad.

Uli as a graduated chemist supports Judith since 2007. He assists the family-team in the cellar and is responsible for biological plant protection in the vineyards.

Christine since ever attends to logistics, customer relations and administration. Furthermore one can`t imagine the vineyard management without her.

Matthias passionately tends to the vines. Since Judith has taken over he is in the position to exclusively care for the vineyards.

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