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Vignereuse | "Mayga Watt" | 2018


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Vignereuse | "Mayga Watt" | 2018

GAMAY  - 2018



Strawberry soda and cream! Fun sparkling with just the right amount of berry but still dry, crisp and refreshing

"After working as a diving instructor and an underwater photographer, Marine began to learn about viticulture while living in Turkey; she then continued studying in Beaune. As a "finishing school", she spent three years working with Gaillac luminaries the Plageoles (who first introduced us to Marine). 

Marine was lucky to find her vineyards to rent; there used to be 20,000 hectares under vine in Gaillac, now only 5,000 remain.

Marine works with a mix of local varieties: Mauzac, Loin de l’Oeil, Braucol, Duras and then some Gamay (fashionable in the 1970’s for Primeur wines), and Syrah ( the most commercial of the varieties, and Gaillac used to sell a lot of bulk must and juice to other regions).

The vineyards are situated on the South-East-facing slopes of the Cordais plateau. The soil is schist on limestone – less argilo-calcareous than the rest of Gaillac. All wines are fermented and aged in fibreglass. No sulphur is used on the reds."

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