Don Nelson Pinot Gris

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Don Nelson Pinot Gris




Rich and spicy but needs time to open up. Oxidative qualities amongst ripe peach, orange peel and bush herbs.

Alex Craighead started Don and Kindeli Wines with his partner Josefina Venturino in Martinborough in 2014 and the journey so far has been an incredible one.

In the early days Alex was still working as a winemaker for a winery in Martinborough, and on the side had been taking fruit from a few different regions and even splitting the winemaking between two islands. Nowadays, Don & Kindeli Wines has become Alex’s primary focus, all of his fruit comes from organically farmed vineyards in Nelson that he either owns or leases, and he now has complete control over all inputs in his wine from farming and winemaking through to bottling and labelling.  

“Don” is named after Josefina’s grandfather Don Ramon Dus and is a homage to family, honesty and simplicity. Don Ramon, a native of Concepcion del Uruguay in Argentina, is an avid wine lover with a lifelong fascination with farming.

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