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Ottavio Rube Bianco

Valli Unite

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Ottavio Rube Bianco




Yellow plums, citrus with a full body.

"If there is perhaps one winery that epitomizes the ‘family-run’ winery, it is Valli Unité.  It is a farm of fruit trees, vegetables, livestock, grains, grapes, and most importantly, fantastically human people.  Nearly everything that is used comes from the land and everyone on the land has a unique role in providing it.  Letizia makes cheese, Enrico the meat, Ottavio the wine, Carla cooks and Antonella plays host.  Nestled high on the hill, Valli Unité has been a communal home of 25 residents for nearly 30 years, since the four families decided to counter the spread of industrialization and unite their properties as a co-op, under natural methods.  Everything is handled with the land and nature in mind first.  You see no chemicals being used, with hands working the earth and vines, natural processes in the cellar, and honest gratitude for what is provided.  Ottavio is bold and energetic, and cultivates his grapes to provide that same energy. He always comes back to Valli Unité’s philosophy in the cellar: to find and renew the positive aspects of the traditional ways of working, which ‘reminds us of our duty to respect the balance of nature.’ To share their wines is to share their life, family and story. Every chapter is worth drinking..."

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