Baptiste Cousin | "Puppet" | 2015

Domaine Le Batossay

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Baptiste Cousin | "Puppet" | 2015




Bright and energetic Pet Nat made from the pink skinned cousin of Groulleau Noir.

Olivier Cousin has been fighting the good fight for many years in Anjou, and the time has come for him to pass the reins off to his son, Baptiste. Starting in 2013, they decided to split off the Gamay and Grolleau production into Baptiste’s hands. Olivier will continue making wine from Cabernet Franc – his favorite grape to work with, and Baptiste will work the Gamay and Grolleau along with some Chenin Blanc and a little Cabernet Franc from some vines they had previously rented out. The spirit of the winemaker remains the same, working the vines with horses and biodynamic preparations, with no added sulfur or any other additives ever coming in contact with the wine. These wines have the same wildness and natural purity unique to Olivier’s wines, but also represent a definite evolution of natural wines that are precisely made. 

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