Ross On Wye | "Raison D’Être" | 2016

Ross On Wye

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Ross On Wye | "Raison D’Être" | 2016




Bone dry and crisp toffee apple character. Ever so slightly sparkling with soft, delicate tannins.

This cider represents a project of passion to present the highest quality cider in a form it deserves. The utmost care has gone into creating a cider representative of our orchards and of our skill as cidermakers.

It is made solely from Dabinett & Michelin apples grown ourselves, fermented in oak barrels using the wild yeast from our farm, and matured for two years until the tannins reached their peak in complexity and flavour.

The presentation of the bottle is intended to set a new standard for premium, high-quality cider with an open and honest label detailing the method and the ingredients (99.5% apple juice, 0.5% sugar, trace sulphites) with a map of our farm as the artwork to highlight the orchard-based nature of this natural cider, a term chosen to separate our ciders from ‘ciders’ produced using artificial methods.

The Ross-On-Wye ethos...

"It is a constant challenge to make high-quality, interesting ciders in today’s market. But at Ross-on-Wye Cider and Perry Co. We have combined a deep working knowledge of cider apples with a holistic approach to cidermaking to produce flavourful, compelling ciders. 

What makes Ross-on-Wye Cider and Perry Co. unique is our love of small batch, single-varietal ciders. Ciders and Perries that have been made with just one variety of apple or pear, which are fermented in small, carefully monitored batches. Due to seasonal climate changes apples and pears often change flavour from year to year. Ciders do not exist in a vacuum – every taste of a new cider is measured against its predecessors. 

Each glass becomes part of a wider journey to explore cider. 

The Johnson family have been pressing cider at Broome Farm since the 1930s. Today we still produce it in the same traditional way, in the soil and climate of Herefordshire. Pure whole juice, simple natural fermentation. 

By producing our cider in small batches our cidermakers can ensure the conditions are perfect for great cider. The natural yeast that grows in our orchards and on our fruit gives the cider a unique flavour found nowhere else. 

This holistic approach is also how we manage our orchards and the environment. We use the wood from pruning each year to fuel our wood stoves that keep us warm through the winter, the waste from the pressing as natural fertilizer for our trees, and we house birdboxes in our orchards to invite natural predators to protect the trees rather than use chemical sprays."

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